'The Resources of a Large Firm and the Heart of a Small One'

The attorneys at Chock Barhoum LLP are top-of-the-line litigators with numerous awards and recognition for outstanding litigation and trial skills. Our attorneys win cases because we come prepared with a smart, creative plan that all but guarantees a successful outcome for our clients.

Our attorneys have litigated thousands of cases in the state and federal courts of Oregon and Washington. Many of our clients are large insurance carriers. Others are self-insured risk entities, construction companies and other businesses. We bring the skills appropriate to each client's needs.

Perhaps most telling, many of our clients have repeatedly chosen to put their business needs in our capable hands time and time again. We have represented many of our clients for decades. The reason is simple. They want outcomes that are good for the company and good for the bottom line. We get that and we deliver.

The Power of the Story

Not all cases go to trial, of course. But our clients get great results because of our reputation for trial success. We have tried hundreds of cases with a greater than 90 percent success rate. Our reputation is well-known. Our opponents would rather sit across the negotiating table than challenge us in a courtroom. That gives our clients a significant advantage in every case.

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What Matters Most: Your Bottom Line

We seek to recruit and mentor the finest lawyers, with a focus on finding those individuals who can see the larger picture of our clients' business objectives while also possessing the technical skills necessary to achieve them.

Who We Represent

Chock Barhoum LLP represents clients from nearly every area of business, from individuals and small-business owners to some of the world's largest Fortune 500 corporations. Our attorneys have successfully litigated everything from multimillion-dollar, "bet the company" litigation to much smaller breach of contract cases for local businesses.

From basic contract disputes to more complicated business issues, our litigation team has the knowledge and experience necessary to get the best results for our clients. Regardless of where you and your company fall on the litigation spectrum, we will treat you like family and fight hard to protect your interests.

Our clients include:

  • The largest retail stores on the planet
  • Global restaurant chains
  • General contractors and subcontractors
  • Doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals
  • Commercial and residential property owners and property managers
  • Local bars and restaurants
  • Nurseries and garden centers
  • Churches and school districts
  • Nursing homes and adult care facilities
  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Local business leaders and professionals

Our Experience is Unmatched

Our clients have trusted us for decades. They put their needs in our hands and we never disappoint. We have successfully handled a wide variety of cases across the Northwest:

  • We defended a global retail giant in a multimillion-dollar false arrest and malicious prosecution case in Pendleton, Oregon.
  • We defended a large, national fast-food restaurant chain and local franchisee in a multimillion-dollar premises liability case involving alleged defective furniture in Seattle, Washington.
  • We defended a shipping company in Portland, Oregon, on a million-dollar noncompetition and breach of contract case.
  • We defended a national retailer in a race discrimination case in Portland, Oregon.
  • We defended a restaurant in a case involving an E. coli infection that led to the death of a young child in Vancouver, Washington.
  • We defended a day care in a case involving injuries to a child from alleged defective play equipment.
  • We defended a nursing home against claims of inadequate supervision and training in Eugene, Oregon.
  • We defended an auto-dealer in a multimillion-dollar wrongful death case in Spokane, Washington, involving allegations of negligent repair work
  • We defended a contractor in a multimillion-dollar case involving a worker who fell from a roof in Tacoma, Washington.
  • We defended an apartment complex owner in a slip-and-fall case involving unreasonably dangerous walking paths in Portland, Oregon.
  • We defended a church in a multimillion-dollar case in Eugene, Oregon, against claims of sexual abuse.
  • We defended a business in multimillion-dollar shareholder dispute involving allegations of fraud and securities violations in Portland, Oregon.
  • We defended a national trucking company in a high-stakes, catastrophic injury case involving a semitruck rollover in Eastern Washington.

From our offices in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, we represent clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Contact us to discuss your business litigation or insurance defense needs with an attorney. You can reach us by phone at 503-223-3000 or send us an email to schedule an appointment.